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Artist Statement

I come from a city where I witness a lot of pain.

From the youth to the elders of my community are set back by society and most don’t know better to be better. I was not able to afford to continue my Berklee education in 2015 and my life changed dramatically when I came back home. I worked in a funeral home as a funeral director assistance by day and at night an engineer and producer at a studio nearby in Newark. For the summer I taught a couple years at a summer camp teaching music but it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that gave me the clarity of what I need to do with my music so I can then help my community. From the funeral home to teaching the inner-city youth change my perspective of life and taught me to value my time like no other. Some experiences are too graphic to speak on this platform but upon the many stories I’ve encountered, allowed me to understand the struggles and pain of my community. This recharged my passion tremendously to fight back oppression and injustices. No longer am I hunger for success I’m starving now!


I always had an interest to connect my sounds to a visual, I hear the cries and translate that into melodies I want to write the soundtrack of my community. I aspire my music to match what I’ve witness in my life time. Eventually I’ll be able to create a brand that can provide the means to uplift my community such as the education system, poverty, and housing to name a few. I want to create a forum where people are allowed to be selfish in their selflessness, being within while also without. _ MIKESTRO.PNG
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