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Artist Statement

Why am I in love with music?

The fact that I can’t truly find a definition for music irks me, but also makes me curious. Through my unrelenting curiosity, I begin to feel obligated to share this indefinable genre of life. The idea that a single note can create a domino effect producing frequencies of love, hope, peace, and confidence inspires me to become enthralled by the combinations of melodies and chords coming together to create harmony. Which furthermore, exposes the mystery of the soul, of whoever is producing these sounds.

Something that really inspires my music is “The Butterfly Effect” which is an accumulatively large effect that a natural force may produce over a period of time. With this power, I am mastering my craft, through my simple sparks of creativity. I can change, influence, revolutionize, enlighten, and be something to someone in a way I could never imagine. That figure can be a hero, brother, lover, or an overall example. I will never know the extent of what my ideals can cause ripples, waves, and tsunamis of optimistic feelings shared through my passion of music.

The philosophy behind my music is simple; I want people to smile. I hope my musical energy can calm and even excite the listeners enough to make them feel empowered. I would love to speak for the mute, listen for the deaf, and see for the blind (not literally). By “being their senses” I will give people hope by providing them with the freedom, through, music to seek the knowledge that they cannot be taught in school. I want to create a gateway, an escape in the midst of everyone’s dilemmas. I want to create a forum where people are allowed to be selfish in their selflessness, being within while also without.

John Donne says, “No Man is an Island.”

 I like to surround myself with good people, creators, revolutionaries, and inspirers, people with good positive vibes. Being a Music Producer, I create and support others creations. Sometimes a fantastic thing happens where our separate ideas come together to make something absolutely amazing. I believe collaboration creates the best products, it’s where you truly share: selflessness. Being a Music Producer allows me to be selfish yet selfless using both my skills and fusing it with someone else’s; I can be within while also without. When working with an artist, I believe it’s the artist responsibility to paint the picture. As the producer, I’m just here to provide the artist the paintbrush, canvas, or paint.

The overall message in my music is to love and be love, to be happy, and to have peace of mind. My favorite part of being a musician is the therapeutic effect it has on people. Its not what you hear that makes you love the song yet it’s how the song makes you feel.

 Two things I can’t control the past and future, but today I can do as much as I couldn’t do yesterday, and hopefully I’ll have another chance to do it again tomorrow.

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